Our Philosophy

Free publication

Gear Up Publishing offers the opportunity to specialized authors, or survivalists and preppers who want to share their experiences to become instant authors by publishing their writings for free. In order to meet this prerequisite, other services bearing high costs (proof-reading, formatting, color printing and hard-cover editions) are not provided. On the other hand, royalties, based on a minimum of sales, are offered to our authors. Under these conditions our authors also benefit from one complimentary electronic book copy.
Once the book is published, our authors receive an e-version of their book.
Preferential rates can be enjoyed by our authors when purchasing their own book.

Promoting open content

Gear Up Publishing is one of the few publishing houses that support the principle of “Open-Content”. our authors still have the right to give free online-access to full-text versions, even after publishing their works with us. With this approach we support the exchange of research and teachings.

Green Press

As publisher, Gear Up Publishing is fully aware of the publishing’s impact on the environment. In this respect, its business model is based essentially on Print-to-Order. This method allows a proper use of resources, printing according to the market’s needs, no stock keeping and therefore respecting the environment. In contrast to the classical offset printing which has limited editions, Gear Up Publishing maintains a complete control over the production. Books are permanently available worldwide, without risking overproduction. Both our costs and carbon footprint are reduced.

Rapid and efficient publication

With the use of the latest technologies, the publication process is most simple and efficient for our authors. Straightforward steps need to be followed by authors after accepting their contract online and subsequently receiving their personal online account. Authors submit their manuscripts online, choose the picture for their book cover and finally authorize the publication of the book.

Each author who has his or her manuscript in soft copy and has access to internet can upload his or her book data into our online system, and thereafter publish his or her book.

Professional team

A dedicated team of professionals provides support to our authors during the different publication phases. One of our dedicated editors will be pleased to help and assist you. Contact us via this form please.

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