Gear Up Publishing

Climate change, natural disaster, monetary disaster, medical crisis, terrorism… Or a Zombie Attack? Are you ready to face the worst case scenario?

The only way to face these scenarios, is to seek self-reliance.

Gear Up Publishing brings you pertinent and insightful content to help reach that survival independence!

Our mission is to give the opportunity to those who made preparedness a way of life, to share their experiences, skills and knowledge, to those in need. And for people looking for ideas for their own survival of apocalyptic or disruptive world event, our publishing house is the right place to be.

Our Offers

We are committed to offer the best services to our authors, as we have their success at heart. Therefore, our authors publishing with us are entitled to the following services:

  • Free publishing of the manuscript in paperback format, with a unique ISBN
  • Our books are listed by all major libraries and online bookstores such as, Barnes & Nobles, Lightning Source and Morebooks
  • Personal assistance pre and post-publication
  • Great selection of cover images
  • Marketing tips to enhance the book promotion
  • Permanent availability of your work on the book market

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